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This website offers an online panel for submitting loan applications to multiple lenders in one go. By submitting your loan request on this website you grant us the permission to forward your information to the fast paying lenders in Canada. And that you can be contacted by the lenders to offer you a quick cash loan.

Your information is directly forwarded to the lenders offering fast cash in your region. We do access your personal information. Your application is saved in an encrypted format with us. It is then forwarded to the lenders to be accessible by them. You would be contacted by lenders via phone and email. Lenders would offer you the credit options you applied for and other related services. You might also be offered deals on other products or services that may be of interest to you.

We will never contact you through phone/email. But in case you are contacted by any individual claiming to be our representative, please consider it as scam. Notify us of any such contacts and we will take necessary measures to try and stop it.

Our privacy policies have no complex terms & conditions. We offer a simple online service of receiving & forwarding the loan applications. But these do get updated in sometime. So, do read these policies whenever you submit an application through this website. Even if you have read these policies once, just review it quickly every time to make sure there are no additional changes.